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Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability for a Brighter Future

Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

Our commitment to environmental sustainability at Takeda builds on almost 50 years of engaging in environmental stewardship initiatives since establishing an Environmental Protection Committee in 1970. Our approach to environmental sustainability, which is in line with the UN Sustainable Goals and the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), is part of our mission to strive towards Better Health and a Brighter Future for people worldwide.

Alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

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Takeda’s Environmental Risks Recognition

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Risks to the natural environment are also intensifying risks to human health, including infectious diseases made worse by climate change. Our values guide us in our commitment to protect the environment and our patients and motivate us to act urgently.

Takeda’s Carbon Neutrality Strategy

Our Carbon Neutrality Strategy will build on the progress we’ve made from prior environmental commitments and allow us to continue making a difference in reducing the effects of climate change. Takeda has been advancing environmental sustainability for many years through its efforts in areas such as water and energy conservation, and protection of biodiversity.

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As part of our Carbon Neutrality Commitment, we are aiming to become carbon neutral by 2040 by eliminating 100% of our scope 1 and scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Water and Waste Management Targets

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We’ve met several environmental targets early that were set in 2005 to be completed by 2020 and will build on our progress as we work to protect the health of the planet and contribute to the global, collective effort against climate change.

In 2020 we established new waste and water targets which follow our early completion of prior waste and water consumption goals. We aim to achieve zero waste to landfill status by 2030 for all major locations and a 5% reduction in water consumption by FY2025 (relative to FY2019) levels. Until 2021 we will execute water risk assessments at our manufacturing sites and develop a risk-based approach to water management and replenishment.

Our Environmental Sustainability Leaders

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“We have a continuing commitment as an industry focused on public health to set an example and lead in protecting our climate and environment.”

/Teresa Bitetti, Global President Oncology, Takeda


“Throughout our global manufacturing operation and supply chain, we are constantly working to reduce the environmental impact of our production.”

/Thomas Wozniewski, Global Manufacturing & Supply Officer


“We recognize the well-documented link between climate change and public health, and honor our responsibility to protect the environment.”

/Debbie Donovan, Head of Corporate Environment, Health and Safety



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