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Apply for Funding: Takeda Global CSR Program Process

・The Next RFP Opens Fall 2020 for 2021 Funding
・Programs in Action: Global CSR Program 

STEP 1. Applicants


Proposal Submission
Strategic and thematic priorities are determined through the annual Takeda Global CSR Forum, thereafter a Request For Proposal (RFP) is finalized and posted on the Takeda global website.  The RFP includes guidance on eligibility criteria, technical and budget templates, and other relevant guidelines.  Applicants have a specific timeframe for Q&A until final proposals are submitted.  All proposals must be submitted in English to the Global CSR Program email address: global_csr_program@takeda.com

STEP 2. Takeda Global CSR Team


Eligibility Review
All received proposals are initially screened against the eligibility checklist for proper inclusion of a(n);

           Cover page

           Organizational capacity

           Budget table and notes

           Table of content

           Management and staffing

           Budget in Japanese Yen

           Executive summary


           Budget table in MS Excel

           Technical approach

           Monitoring & evaluation

           Conflict of interest statement

           Past performance


           Communications plan 

           Confirmation of acceptance to Takeda’s installment payment schedule

           Confirmation of acceptance to submission of progress reports

           Takeda employee participation proposal

If the proposal does not pass the eligibility checklist, the proposal is not considered for further review.  The resulting pool of proposals undergo technical and financial evaluation by the Takeda Global CSR Team.  The proposals are reviewed against the following criteria:

  • project objectives are aligned with the thematic priorities
  • technical approach, past performance, organizational capacity, management and staffing, gender, monitoring and evaluation, and sustainability
  • quality of budget notes, description of costed activities and communications plan

Proposals are scored and ranked accordingly.

STEP 3. Applicants


Interactive Interview and Final Review
A final top tier set of qualifying applicants are invited to interview virtually with the Takeda Global CSR Team, who then further assess the quality of each proposal, confirm expected impact and/or expected number of beneficiaries, confirm procedure for donor field visits, and recommend appropriate modifications accordingly.  Final applicants are then invited to submit a promotional slide and a signed consent form reconfirming their acknowledgement about avoidance of potential conflict of interest to the Takeda Global CSR Team.

STEP 4. Takeda Employees


Employee Vote
The qualified promotional slides are uploaded to the Takeda Intranet and made available in all of Takeda’s major company languages.  All of Takeda’s employees cast their votes based on their review of the promotional slides.

STEP 5. Takeda Global CSR Team and Applicants


Award Notification and Contribution Agreement
Takeda notifies highest ranked applicants of their selection status by email at end of June of the application year.  Applicants are required to enter into a donation agreement with Takeda, no later than seven months from award notification (January).  Applicants are required to confirm the designated project manager and/or project director.  The designated individual will be responsible for the performance of the program.  This representative will serve as the main point of contact with Takeda and will be responsible for all discussions with Takeda.

STEP 6. Awardees


Monitoring and Evaluation
The awardees are responsible for tracking, reporting the program progress, and keeping the Takeda Global CSR Team informed through submission of periodic reports.  Takeda is responsible for monitoring the performance of the award and working to understand key learnings—through conversations with the awardee, review of progress reports, and site visits.

Past Request For Proposals (RFP)

Download 2020 Request For Proposals (RFP)