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Alliances & Partnerships

At Takeda, we seek partners who believe our global reach, scientific expertise and clinical excellence can help them bring their vision to patients. We seek innovation and partner to nurture it, wherever it resides.

Partnering with Takeda

Takeda’s Center for External Innovation takes an inclusive approach to harnessing innovation from target identification through clinical development and commercialization. Our model supports diverse and flexible approaches to partnership across the discovery and development cycle, including academic alliances, biopharma venture investing and business development partnerships for assets and technologies. 



Active partnerships Takeda has in place globally


Venture investment financings through the Center for External Innovation and Takeda’s strategic venture investing arm, Takeda Ventures, Inc.


New company creations in emerging areas of sciences including gene therapy, gamma delta (γδ) T cell therapy and genome editing

Featured Partnership: Shattuck Labs

Takeda made an equity investment in Shattuck Labs, and the parties entered into a research collaboration in August 2017 to develop novel checkpoint fusion proteins with the goal of advancing differentiated, next-generation immuno-oncology therapies. The partnership began with multiple assets and has advanced into the clinic in less than two years. READ MORE

To develop a next-generation immuno-oncology approach leveraging Shattuck Labs’ Agonist Redirected Checkpoint (ARC) platform

Shattuck Labs’ Agonist Redirected Checkpoint (ARC)™ platform is a next-generation immuno-oncology approach that combines two approaches into one therapy. The aim is to help block checkpoint molecules that limit the immune system while simultaneously stimulating T-cell receptors to initiate an immune response, a potential evolution from first-generation checkpoint inhibitors in clinical development. Shattuck’s ARC platform technology combines checkpoint blockade with immune stimulation, representing an approach that is highly differentiated from antibody-based platforms.

Takeda’s partnership with Shattuck Labs is an example of its commitment to pursue novel immuno-oncology targets and approaches. In 2019, SL-279252 (TAK-252), an agonist redirected checkpoint inhibitor targeting solid tumors, began a Phase 1 study. The effective collaboration, strategic alignment and scientific expertise provided by Takeda and Shattuck have helped accelerate the development of a next-generation immuno-oncology approach.