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Shire Supplier Information - Europe

Welcome to the Europe supplier information page. Information on this page relates only to the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium & Luxembourg
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherland
  • Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden)
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

An Overview of Shire’s Supplier Registration and Payment Processes

Shire is committed to paying our suppliers on time. We have developed our Shire Guide to Payments (Shire Supplier Playbook) to assist suppliers understand the end-to-end process for payments. The process may differ across regions, countries and entities so please note the differences especially if you are supplying cross-border.

There are several common principles across Shire globally:

  • Shire’s global standard payment terms are 60 days. This is the default for all contracts, Master Services Agreements (MSA), Statement of Work (SOW), and Purchase Orders.
  • Shire operates a No Purchase Order (PO)/No Pay policy on the procurement of most goods and services. If Shire is paying by invoice, please ensure you request a PO from your Shire requisitioner to avoid delays to invoice payment.
  • Please use the correct Shire registered company and address as it appears on the PO. Following integration activities between Shire and Baxalta over the last twelve (12) months, some registered names will have changed. You can refer to the Company list below in Contact Us.
  • Please ensure your invoice is directed to the correct address to avoid delays to Payment. In priority order, our preferred forms of invoice are:

   ・E-Invoicing: please see details below in the Invoicing section

   ・Email: see Shire’s “Guide to Payments” and the Contact Us section below for email addresses. Invoices must be sent in PDF or TIFF format only.

   ・Mail: Please see Shire’s “Guide to Payments” and the Contact Us section below for the relevant addresses. Please note that US, Canada and Europe (except Germany), all invoices should be directed to the relevant Shared Service Centre, and not to office locations.

Shire's quick reference Guide to Payments

Europe (all countries except Germany)

Shire Germany

Registering as a Shire Supplier

All suppliers to Shire will need to complete a registration process to ensure we have accurate information to enable payment, to ensure you comply with our Code of Conduct and policies, and to ensure we can keep you informed with information that may affect you. Shire also operates a No PO/No Pay policy on the procurement of most goods and services - a PO cannot be issued until a supplier is registered. The information below applies to Europe region – for other regions, please go the

To register as a supplier, there are 3 key steps:

  1. Agree a contract, Master Services Agreement (MSA) or Statement of Work (SOW) with Shire
  2. You will receive an automated “invitation to register” from our supplier registration system, Lavante
  3. Complete your supplier registration in Lavante. You will need:

Please also note the following important information:

  • Please sign into Lavante with the email address the invitation was sent to. The automated invitation will only work with the email address in the “To” line which was provided to Shire. If the “invitation to register” email was delivered to a shared mailbox, or if you are not the contact for Shire at your company, please let our Supplier Registration team know who the invitation should be sent to supplier-registration@shire.com. Please do not forward the invitation email as the registration process will not be able to be completed.
  • Registration is free. There are no fees for suppliers to register or update account information through “Lavante Connect”.
  • Shire has a Supplier Code of Conduct. You should review this Code before registering – please find the link below in the supplier information section.
  • No PO/No Pay Policy applies. Shire operates a No Purchase Order (PO)/No Pay policy for most goods and services procured – your Shire requisitioner will be able to advise if a PO is required. A PO will not be able to issued until your “Lavante Connect” registration is 100% complete.
  • Keep your profile updated. To update your online profile, please visit Connect.Lavante.com and use the login credentials created during this initial registration process. You should ensure that your organization retains details of the registered email address and password created during this registration process.

For help with your Lavante registration, see the Lavante user guide.

For technical questions about Lavante (include forgotten password, error messages), please contact Lavante directly at support@lavante.zendesk.com

For other registration questions or to change contact details please contact Shire’s Supplier Registration team on supplierregistration.com@shire.com

Purchase Orders (PO)
Terms and Conditions
Our Terms and Conditions can be found on our global Supplier page.

How Purchase Orders (PO) work at Shire
Shire operates a No PO/No Pay policy on most purchases for goods and services.

Purchase Orders from Shire for indirect spend (ie those expenses not directly involved in the manufacture of our products) are issued from our procurement system called Coupa. The PO will provide all the information you will need about Shire to invoice us. Please ensure you note the differences between:

“Bill to”
The legal registered Shire or Baxalta address that ordered the goods/services and will pay your invoice. This is found on your PO and MUST be included in your invoice to us per regulatory requirements.

“Ship to”
The location where goods and services should be sent to or provided, also included on your PO.

“Send to”
This is the address where invoices should be sent to for payment. Please ensure all invoices are sent directly to the correct addresses below to avoid any payment delays. See details below in the Contact Us section, and on your Shire Guide to Payments


Need further help with Coupa?
For Coupa help resources go to Coupa Supplier Success.



Shire is committed to paying our suppliers on time. We are also committed to ensuring the process is efficient as possible for our suppliers.

Invoicing Options
In all cases, where local regulation allows, Shire encourages all suppliers to use paperless invoicing methods.

  • In all countries in Europe, except Germany, it is preferred that invoices are emailed to our automated scanning email account. See details in the Contact Us section.
  • In Germany, we accept hard copies only. Please post hard copy invoices to the German office – see the address in Contact Us.
  • We are currently developing other e-invoicing options (such as Coupa Supplier Portal, SAN, cXML). More information to be available soon.

Details to be included in your invoice

To be paid, your invoice MUST contain

  • Date of Invoice
  • Invoice number
  • Correct “Bill To” legal entity & registered address matching the PO
  • PO number
  • Supplier full name & address
  • Banking details (matching your supplier registration in Lavante)
  • Description of goods or services (including dates of services)
  • Unit price of good/services (excl. tax, rebate, or discounts)
  • VAT number for both your company and Shire
  • VAT rate applied and breakdown of amount payable by rate

If we reject your invoice
Please note that invoices, or credit notes, that do not meet all legal, tax and Shire requirements, may be returned to you. We will provide details why your invoice or credit note cannot be processed. Once your invoice or credit note is compliant, you will be able to re-submit for processing and/or payment.

Sending your invoice
All invoices must be sent directly to the email or address in the Contact Us section. Invoices not sent directly will result in delayed payment. If emailing invoices, please be aware:

  • the Invoice email account is an unmonitored, automated scanner and cannot respond to queries. All queries should be directed to the query email account.
  • Please ensure invoices are only PDF or TIFF.

Providing goods/services cross-border?
Please note that different mailboxes may apply – always send your invoice to the mailbox for the Shire/Baxalta legal registered entity (“Bill to”) that has ordered the goods or services (not where your company is located). (eg. if you are based in Switzerland, but the Shire/Baxalta company you are supplying is in France, then use the France details)



  • Shire’s payment terms are 60 days from date of receipt of a valid invoice, unless otherwise stated by a contract, Master Services Agreement (MSA) or Statement of Work (SOW).
  • We process payments weekly each with value date Friday.
  • Once your invoice is approved, it should go into the next available payment run, per the terms of payment.
  • We pay by Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) only.
  • If you need to check if a payment has been made:

   ・Vendors registered in the Coupa Supplier portal can check payments online.

   ・All other queries can be referred to AccountsPayableEU@shire.com

Contact Us

Shared Services Centre Europe (SSCE), based in Dublin, is responsible for maintaining supplier information, PO processing invoice processing and payments. Please note the following important points about contacting us.

  • We operate a ticketing system to ensure all queries are recorded and responded to within agreed timelines.
  • All new queries will be assigned a Case Number and [ref: XXX]

   ・These numbers should be quoted on all replies to SSC. You’ll find it in the subject line of our auto-reply. Please use this case number if following up on your email or reply directly to our case email.

  • All existing queries must have a ticket number to be investigated. Don’t escalate issues unless you’ve got a ticket number and allowed SSCE time to resolve your initial query.
  • To avoid delays to our response, please:

   ・Contact Shared services directly via the email addresses below – staff in other Shire office locations will only refer queries back to Shared Services, which will delay Shire’s response to you.

   ・Always use the mailboxes listed below. Please do not send emails direct to personal mailboxes of the SSC team we are unable to track response times and this will result in a delay to resolving your query.

   ・Please don’t cc/bcc others on your email to us – this creates duplicate tickets and delays response time.

  • Please submit a new email for each new request and a new case number will be assigned.

(“Bill to” country on your PO)
Email invoices (Preferred)1
PDF or TIFF format only.
This is an unmonitored, automated scanner email 
and cannot respond to queries
Email queries only
Nordics: invoicesEU@shire.com  
Finland, Sweden, Norway,    
Denmark   AccountsPayableEU@shire.com
United Kingdom    
France InvoicesFR@shire.com  
Portugal InvoicesPT@shire.com  
Spain InvoicesES@shire.com  
Postal Mail invoices1+2: Shire (full legal entity name) , Accounts Payable
PO Box 7716, Royal Mail Sorting Office, Crucible Road, Corby, Northamptonshire, NN17 5ZZ, UK
Germany invoicesDE@shire.com

Mail invoices:  Shire Deutschland GmbH, Friedrichstraße 149, Berlin 10117
Email questions to: 
Poland & Czech Republic invoicesWA@shire.com